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Rolanda M. Professional Kinesiology Practitioner
'My mission is to share my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and my passion for natural health in order to provide the highest quality of patient care' 
Having problems to alleviate pain, restore energy and reduce stress?
Do you want to stop suffering from pain and other debilitating conditions , but don't know how to get started ........then you are in the right place 
Having a difficult time with migraines ?
Tuina will reduce that debilitating pain
What tuinna can do for you?
Each individual is always considered unique and treatment is planned to help the patient to return to a balanced state of health. Traditional Chinese Medicine views the patient as a whole when treating and preventing illness, it achives balance within body, mind and spirit. TCM uses Acupressure , herbal remedies, massage and nutrition as its main source of healing


About Rolanda













Rolanda is a graduate of the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice instucted by Kinga Papp , she is also trained as an Acupressure expert by the Institute of Alterntive Medicine, trained by Annette Reilly ,Membership of IICT. 

Qualification in Tuina Massage Certificate level1 INMI awarded by Anthony Monteith.

In her practice, Rolanda's area of focus lie in stress and anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, migraine,musculoskeletal pain and more . However within Chinese medicine and Tuina massage every problem has the potential to be addressed and are not limited to the given examples. Every emotional and physical problem can be treated.


The reason I chose Kinesiology as a profession is the reward of making a person's life healthier and therfore happier. I truly love my job and feel blessed to be able to enjoy my practice daily and embrace every challenge with passion and determination.

​I myself have experienced how our body works in a mysterious way. I was suffering from chronic back pain that made it difficult for me to carry on with everyday issues like working and sleeping. It affected my health physically and emotionally. Despite this, I made a big goal in my mind: to train hard and take part in an amateur body building competition even though I had zero previous experience. However with the excruciating pain I had no chance to manage. During this time, Kinesiology helped me to release stressors, both emotional and mental pain, and negativity in other areas of my life that I would have stored in my muscle and joints. It allowed me to live my life free of pain. This way, I could focus on my goal, and I am now really proud of my achievements.

When you come in for treatment with Rolanda , you can expect a calm atmosphere of healing , an attentive and listening with understanding approach of providing therapy and care for her patients.

On her free time ,Rolanda enjoy spendig time with her hub, her daughter, reading and doing Qigong.










   -Initial Consultation - questions relating to your current symptoms, past treatments, medical history, emotional health


   -Cupping -This proces opens up the skins's pores , which help to stimulate the flow of blood, balance and realign the flow of Qi


   -Tuina - a combination of massage , acupressure and other forms of manipulation.

   -Moxabustion- moxa (made from the mugwort plant) is ignited to warm the area and the points, helping to stimulate circulation trough the points and creating a smoother flow of the body's energy

  -Kinesiology -we understand that the pain is related to over energy which

shifts balancing, and balancing moves the energy and restores energy flows.






Contact: +353 861006802                                        email:


What's free?

Tuina treatments may include the following free of charge : ear seeds, cupping, and herbal ointments or patches

-Book an appointment today !

-Question? Call Rolanda 0861006802

-Call to arrange 15 minute phone consultation


Where I am located 

Deanstown House , unit 4 ,Main St,

Blanchardstown , Dublin 15

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Rolanda helped me greatly in dealing with emotional and physical pain. I could feel instant and long term results. She is a natural at what she does, and you can be assured that you will be leaving feeling lighter both physically and emotionally.
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Erina McNelis

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Book your free 15 Minutes Consultation

If you are interested in finding more about how Traditional Chine Medicine  can help you , or you would like more clarity on what to expect from treatment you can book your free 15 min consultation here if not alternatively contact me at  0861006802 , email me 

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